Jacksonville's #1 Code Compliance Review & Permit Expediting Company

Codes-ABC utilizes a strong technical base and extensive knowledge of the permitting process making us the most effective permit expeditor in Jacksonville, Florida.

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So happy we chose to work with Codes-ABC to expedite our permitting. Saved us time and money!
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Over 20 Years Industry Experience

Codes-ABC’s primary focus is to provide building code compliance review and permitting services. We believe that the prompt review and processing of a permit package helps the owner, architect, and builder start their projects in a timely manner while removing the logistical challenges that come with the submission and tracking of a permit package.

We are the only full service consulting firm in North Florida that handles all plans reviews and expediting in-house. A partnership with Codes-ABC an help make your project go smoothly.


Shaking hands of permit expediter and contractors to expedite permits

Permit Expediting

Codes ABC works with diligence and professionalism to help companies achieve greater results in all their permitting and construction needs.

code review

Code Consulting

We're able to present our clients with every available option because we understand the intent behind the creation of each building code.

building plan review

Plan Review

Our unique approach to building plan review ensures we are constantly monitoring your project from start to finish. 


Codes-ABC knowledge of local permit regulations is unmatched.

Codes – ABC, Inc. takes a comprehensive approach to plans review services that is rooted in nearly 60 years of construction experience. We have a proven system of managing projects that helps our clients save time and money every single time.

Expert Consultants

Highly experienced consultants with decades of industry knowledge to help every project run smoothly.

Trustworthy and Reliable

Working with contractors, engineers, home and business owners consistently for years has built up trust and reliability in the industry.

Year-Round Services

We know some times of the year are busier than other and we are here to make sure all your permits and reviews go through quickly and accurately no matter how busy things get.

We Can Help You Make The Construction Process Go Smoother

With the level of experience attained after decades of performing similar work, Codes ABC are experts at effectively managing workload and delivering a high-quality product.

Codes- ABC, Inc. adheres to a strict schedule and turnaround time using whatever resources necessary to complete your project within a timely manner. 

As an additional service we will work directly with the Architect and Contractor to review, submit and process any plan changes which also removes the work load from your staff.

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